Episode 13.5: Secret Live Show in DC: Avaroc's Party

Our Super Secret Liveshow from Magfest! Debilika has some errands to run, so what kind of trouble could our party possibly get into?

Episode 13: Hunting Wights - Chapter 6

Our unplugged survivors try to rebuild and reconnect after Jemarc returns. But they are consistently disrupted by the warnings of an old acquaintance. Despite this, they take their avatars back through the Shattered Mansion, and find themselves face-to-face with a religious leader and his flock. It's faith versus faith as Twilight and Torrin bring forth their spiritual leader, The Murder Gnome.

Episode 12.5: Alive

Lost allies. Potreblyat on the hunt. Reunions with a cost.

Episode 12: Hunting Wights - Chapter 5

Tensions rise as our prisoners make their way up the stairs and confront the Wight. But, without Debilika to guide them, and without a plan, their odds of success are limited. All the while, Jemarc, finds himself trapped in a bunker beneath the Collapsed Quarter. Hope is nowhere to be found. Anywhere.

Episode 11: Hunting Wights - Chapter 4

Our favorite prisoners make their way through the Shattered Mansion, undaunted by the threats that lay within. However, even with the grotesque monstrosities that are the oddly adorable Lemure, they find themselves up against their most powerful foe yet: puzzles. This...could take a while.

Episode 10: Hunting Wights - Chapter 3

The White Direstirge wreaks havoc across Balderdash, and the only ones able to fight it are our Dragonborn Paladin, Torrin, and our Tiefling Bard, Twilight. The towns people are incapable of helping and not too far from the Maze's village, a decrepit mansion looms. Promising suffering and pain within its walls.

Episode 9: Hunting Wights - Chapter 2

Our favorite prisoners make themselves at home in the maze town of Balderdash as they begin their investigations into the location of the Wight. But the townspeople have another threat weighing heavily on them. And this one is much worse than a mayor who walks around with a poop bucket permanently attached to him. Will they stop the threat before it takes another life? Or will Mayor Bucket's reign of crap-filled terror overwhelm everyone? OH, and Kupit' day is coming, so that's neat too.

Episode 8: Hunting Wights - Chapter 1

Twilight causes a lot of trouble this time, but only because they have placed all their faith in their new best buddy Debilika. And Torrin and Virt are completely, and totally alright with it. But mysteries await our intrepid characters as they find themselves in Balderdash. Will they be able to solve Debilika's Wight problems? And what's the true story behind Balderdash's mayor? Oh, and, not for nothing, but Jemarc's cat might be a mount.

Episode 7: A Moment's Respite - A Goblin Party

Tensions are rising between our players as word begins to spread about the fall of PCUP-137. There's finally a chance to fight back, but our rag-tag group of player characters finally get a break! Twilight joins a Bard College and Torrin reevaluates his prejudices. Meanwhile Virt gets shoved into a very violent dance. All the while, Debilika is scheming.

Episode 6: Welcome to Devil Prison - Chapter 6

Our ever-so-lucky prisoners must place all of their faith into the powerful Dave Blaze as they sneak into the Goblin camp. Meanwhile, Jemarc found a cat, and Kevin hears news of people who are fighting back against the Overseers. This episode is sure to be unbearably suspenseful.

Episode 5: Welcome to Devil Prison - Chapter 5

Jemarc and Kevin learn more about Oxota, and a mysterious voice reaches out to the world. Meanwhile, Twilight, Torrin, and Virt execute their plan to kidnap a Goblin, but their only help through the journey is none other than the "magical" Dave Blaze. This is totally a good idea with no repercussions at all. Regardless, it's time to meet the Station Heads.

Episode 4: Welcome to Devil Prison - Chapter 4

Our favorite prisoners make a whole lot of new friends. An orc/Halfling Band, the world's worst Rogue, and they are fed something that isn't exactly an animal. Can Twilight, Virt, and Torrin trust the Druid, Hezekiah? And, does it really matter at the end of the day?

Episode 3: Welcome to Devil Prison - Chapter 3

The time has come and Oxota is here! Let us feast with abandon upon the meat the Encroacher's have provided. In today's episode, our favorite demi-plane prisoners receive a major beat down from their first boss battle, and Twilight finally gets close with Derek. Torrin flexes his way to success and the gang meets a suspicious Druid...can they trust them? And will our players be hunted down before they get a chance to find out?

Episode 2: Welcome to Devil Prison - Chapter 2

The newest prisoners make a new friend, Twilight dons some magical armor, Debillica manages to be completely unhelpful, and Torrin touches Virt. Will the adventurers make it out of this darkened death trap? Probably not.

Episode 1: Welcome to Devil Prison - Chapter 1

In this pilot episode, Four of the Unplugged come together to play an ancient game. Before Potreblyat's hostile take over of the True Reality technology, before the world fell apart, before technology did all of the thinking for us, there was tabletop and imagination. Join these adventurers as Jemarc (Twilight), Kevin (Virt), and Manny (Torrin), are led on deadly adventures by their Dungeon Master Mitch.


Hundreds of the years into the future, America has fallen to ruin and neglect. To cope with the harsh realities, the Overseers have made it possible to everyone to plug into their True Reality system, but when the Potreblat Corporation took over, only the rich and influential could stay plugged in.

Now a group of Unplugged decide to connect with each other with a rulebook from an ancient tome known as the Dungeons and Dragon's Player's Handbook. But little do they know, their games are being broadcast to everyone plugged into True Reality and everyone Unplugged alongside them.